Reese River excitement

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A map of Nevada with its current boundaries with the Reese River colored blue.

The Reese River excitement took place in 1862 and 1863 in the Reese River Valley in Lander and Esmeralda County, Nevada. During this period, people explored the area around the Reese River and settled there. After Austin was founded, prospectors went south to explore the Toiyabe Range and crossed the border of Lander County and Esmeralda County. Three mining districts were organized in the Toiyabe Range in Esmeralda County, namely Marysville, Twin River, and Washington. Also, several villages and ranches were established in the county. After the Toiyabe Range, the Shoshone Mountains were found and in 1863 silver was found on the western side of the mountain range. At that place, Union District was organized and the village Ione was founded.[1]

Nye County was established as a result of the Reese River excitement: inhabitants of Union District signed a petition, in which they said the district was far from Aurora and Austin, the county seats of respectively Esmeralda and Lander County. Nye County was created by the Nevada Legislature on February 16, 1864.[1]


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