The Reformation: A History

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The Reformation: A History
The Reformation - A History.jpg
AuthorDiarmaid MacCulloch
SubjectProtestant Reformation
Publication date
Pagesxxvii + 832 (UK),
xxiv + 792 (US)
270.6 (US)
LC ClassBR305.3M33

The Reformation: A History (2003) is a history book by English historian Diarmaid MacCulloch. It is a survey of the European Reformation between 1490 and 1700. It won the 2003 Wolfson History Prize (UK) and the 2004 National Book Critics Circle Award (US).


English-language editions:

  • Reformation: Europe's House Divided (Paperback). Penguin Books Ltd (2 September 2004). ISBN 978-0-14-028534-5
  • Reformation: Europe's House Divided 1490–1700 (Hardcover). Allen Lane (30 September 2004). ISBN 978-0-7139-9370-7 (UK edition).
  • The Reformation: A History (Hardcover). Viking Adult (3 May 2004). ISBN 978-0-670-03296-9 (US edition)
  • The Reformation (Hardcover). Viking Books (June 2004). ISBN 978-0-670-03296-9 (UK edition)
  • The Reformation (Paperback). Penguin (Non-Classics); Reprint edition (25 March 2005). ISBN 978-0-14-303538-1 (US edition)
  • The Reformation (Paperback). Penguin Books; Reprint edition (May 2005). ISBN 978-0-14-303538-1 (UK edition).

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