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Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is the campus ministry organization of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). RUF has experienced rapid growth the past few years, and currently has 140 chapters at different college campuses spread over 37 US States, Mexico, Colombia and the Czech Republic. Most of its schools are in the southern United States, but it has ministries from Hawaii to Massachusetts. The PCA follows traditional Westminster standards, including belief in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible.


RUF is not constructed to be a substitute for formal church, thus it is open for anyone to join and become a member, and is not exclusive to those within a certain denomination or indeed within the Christian religion. However, the organization itself is closely associated with the Reformed theological viewpoint, as their name implies. Its meetings range in size from campus to campus. There are also different types of meetings, often referred to as 'large groups' or 'small groups'.

RUF hosts its main conference, Summer Conference (popularly known as SuCo), for students during three weeks in the summer at Laguna Beach, Florida. There are also regional conferences that take place throughout the year. The conferences, like the organization meetings, are not limited to those ascribing to Reformed theology.


The idea grew out of the desire of several "young, Presbyterian ministers in the southeastern United States in the late 1970s." At this time the PCA commissioned Rev. Mark Lowrey to coordinate this ministry program with an emphasis on honest theology and a welcoming community.[1]

Other similar movements[edit]

The Reformed Youth Movement, while a ministry similar to RUF, is not officially a part of the PCA.


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