Refuge Alfred Wills

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Refuge Alfred Wills

Refuge Alfred Wills is a refuge in the Alps in Haute-Savoie, France.

Alfred Wills (1828-1912) was a mountaineer British Veteran judge at the court of England and passionate mountain climber. He climbed many glaciers in the Alps. He was also the author of several books recounting his exploits. Arriving at Sixt in 1850, he fell in love with the area and wanted to build a chalet.

In 1859 construction began of what he named "Eagle's Nest", what the inhabitants later called "the Castle".

During World War II it was uninhabited and looted during the occupation. Repair costs are too high, so the family put it up for sale.

The current shelter, which was given the name of Alfred Wills, was built in 1981. At 1808 metres in altitude, it is the site of the former pasture Anterne more commonly called "Cottages Anterne". It is surrounded by five private cottages.


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Coordinates: 46°0′16″N 6°47′29″E / 46.00444°N 6.79139°E / 46.00444; 6.79139