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Grupa Regina
Also known as Regina
Origin Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Genres Rock
Years active 1989–2000; 2005-present
Associated acts Davor Ebner, Konvoj, Aco Regina
Members Aleksandar Čović
Davor Ebner
Denis Čabrić
Bojan Milićević

Grupa Regina is a rock band founded in 1989 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, now Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have released 11 albums so far.

Band career[edit]

Fours of the members, Aleksandar, Milijaš brothers and Goran Lučić, started a garage band. It was hard for them to find the right lead singer, but after a long while of searching, they found Davor Ebner, after three months of long and arduous discussions with him. Bojan Milićević joined the group in 1990 (before the release of the first album). Once the band Regina was created, they had success all over Yugoslavia with the slogan "MI NISMO MERLIN MI SMO REGINA" (in English we aren't Merlin we're Regina). The band's guitarist was Goran Lučić. Their songs are inspired by the Irish band U2. Critics considered them the heirs of the band INDEXI, BIJELO DUGME. The composer of the group is Aleksandar Čović. When the war started in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serb members fled from Sarajevo to Belgrade, Serbia, where Regina continued their career, until 2000, when Aleksandar started his solo career just like Aco Regina. Then in 2006, the band reunited with the original members and appeared at a Serbian radio festival organized by Radio S. In 2007 they were an opening act at Rolling Stones concert at Jaz beach, Budva.

Eurovision 2009[edit]

On May 16, 2009, they performed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, with the song called Bistra voda (Clear Water).[1] The song went on to compete in the Eurovision final on May 16 after winning one of ten places from the first semi-final, eventually finishing in 9th place (with 106 points).


In the June 2009, Regina released their album Vrijeme je (It's Time), featuring the songs Vrijeme je, Bježi dok sam mlad and Zvaću te pile moje. It also features English and Russian versions of Bistra Voda.[2]

In 2011, Regina released their album "Kad poludimo" (When we go crazy).

In 2014, Regina released the singles "Kalimero" (October) and Zatupi Zaglupi (December).


  • Regina (1990)
  • Ljubav nije za nas (1991)
  • Regina (reproduction) (1992)
  • Oteto od zaborava (1994)
  • Godine lete (1995)
  • Ja nisam kao drugi (1997)
  • Kad zatvorim oči (1999)
  • Devedesete (2000)
  • Sve mogu ja (2006)
  • Vrijeme je (2009)
  • Kad poludimo (2012)


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