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Registry may refer to:



  • Bridal registry, a retailers' plan that allows engaged couples to manage the purchase of wedding gifts
  • Honeymoon registry, a service that assists engaged and married couples in financing their honeymoons

Government and law[edit]

  • A register is an authoritative list of one kind of information. Registers normally contain fields with an unique id, so that the record can be referenced from other documents and registers.
Other uses
  • Permanent residence registry, a legislative provision that allows an illegal entrant to become a lawful permanent resident by virtue of having continuously resided in the US since before a specified date
  • Registry fee, a postal fee paid to send registered mail
  • The Registry, a risk management tool used by landlords to screen prospective renters

Health and medicine[edit]

  • Cancer registry, a systematic collection of data about cancer and tumor diseases
  • NREMT or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, which establishes and verifies entry-level competence for American first responders, emergency medical technicians and paramedics
  • Nurse registry, a licensed staffing agency that provides hospitals and individuals with nursing personnel
  • American Joint Replacement Registry, an organization that collects and reports hip and knee replacement data to provide actionable information to guide physicians and patient decision making to improve care
  • Patient registry, an organised system that uses observational methods to collect uniform data on a population defined by a particular disease, condition, or exposure, and that is followed over time

Other uses[edit]

  • Breed registry, a record of the ancestry and ownership of purebred animals
  • Survivor registry, a website where people in an area affected by a terrorist attack can post a message saying they are okay
  • Family registry, a registry used in many countries to track information of a genealogical or legal interest

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