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Rehane Abrahams is a performance artist from Cape Town, South Africa. She has performed several works, from Shakespeare to contemporary productions in South Africa and in America. She was a recipient of the FNB Vita Award for Best Actress in 2001. She is a co-founder of The Mothertongue Project, a collective of women artists.[1] She has written and performed a number of plays that have appeared in South Africa, San Francisco and London. She has also appeared in numerous television shows, including SOS on and as Zelda in Hotnotsgode'.



  • Shots in the Dark (Abrahams/McCarthy) Marathon, Black Sun Theatre, Johannesburg S.A.
  • Wild South (Wayne Robbins) Topsy, Nico Malan Theatre, Cape Town S.A.
  • Wider Than This (Abrahams) Solo Performance, Cafe Bijou, Johannesburg S.A.
  • Fresh Wounds (Abrahams/Braham) Brenda, Duke of Cambridge Theatre, London
  • Rites Dance Theatre (workshopped)
  • The Sacrifice, Arena Theatre, Cape Town S.A
  • Macbeth (Shakespeare) Lady Macbeth, Arena Theatre, Cape Town S.A.
  • Adam's Apple (Abrahams) Lillith, Monument Theatre, Grahamstown S.A.
  • The Crucible (Arthur Miller) Abigail Williams, Little Theatre, Cape Town S.A..
  • Venus Goes Vulgar (Abrahams/Hardie) Zerelda, Arena Theatre, Cape Town S.A..
  • The Last Trek (Stopford) Holly, Hiddingh Theatre Cape Town S.A.
  • Dankie Auntie (Zakes Mda) Pearly Heavens, Umanyano Theatre, Grahamstown S.A.
  • House of Bernada Alba (Lorca) Mourner, Arena Theatre, Cape Town S.A.
  • High School Musical - Stage version (Stage manager), Bali, ID
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream - Director, Arma Museum and Resort, Bali, ID
  • Womb of Fire (Abrahams) Solo Performance, Baxter Theater, Cape Town S.A.

Film & Television[edit]

  • The Shattered Mirror (drama) Thelma, Ronny Watt Prod. for C.C.V, South Africa.
  • Die Allemans (family drama) Dalene, C films for S.A.B.C. South Africa
  • (an act of...) sabotage, German TV film, 1998, Das kleine Fernsehspiel, ZDF.
  • Dark Desires: Anna, (TV 1995)


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