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Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science
Author Michael Nielsen
Country United States
Subject Open science
Publisher Princeton University Press
Publication date
Pages 280
ISBN 978-0-691-14890-8

Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science is a book written by Michael Nielsen and released in October 2011. It argues for the benefits of applying the philosophy of open science to research.


The following is a list of major topics in the book's chapters.

  1. Reinventing Discovery
  2. Online Tools Make Us Smarter
    Kasparov versus the World, The Wisdom of Crowds, various online collaborative projects
  3. Restructuring Expert Attention
    InnoCentive, collective intelligence, Paul Seabright's economic theory, online chat
  4. Patterns of Online Collaboration
    History of Linux, Open Architecture Network, Wikipedia, MathWorks' computer programming contest
  5. The Limits and the Potential of Collective Intelligence
    communication in small groups, particularly as studied by Stasser and Titus; praxis of science; a discussion of communication among scientists
  6. All the World's Knowledge
    Don R. Swanson and Literature-based discovery, predicting influenza with Google searches, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Ocean Observatories Initiative, Human Genome Project, Google Translate, Tournaments
  7. Democratizing Science
    Galaxy Zoo, Foldit, citizen science, eBird, open access, arXiv, PLoS
  8. The Challenge of Doing Science in the Open
    Complexity Zoo, academic publishing, Bayh–Dole Act
  9. The Open Science Imperative
    Open science, academic journal publishing reform, SPIRES
appendix - The problem solved by the Polymath Project


Timo Hannay's review in Nature said that in this book Nielsen gives "the most compelling and comprehensive case so far for a new approach to science in the Internet age".[1]

The Financial Times review said that the book was "the most compelling manifesto yet for the transformative power of networked science".[2]


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