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Rejecta Mathematica  
Discipline mathematics
Language English
Edited by Michael Wakin, Christopher Rozell, Mark Davenport, Jason Laska
ISSN 1948-8351
OCLC no. 402335845

Rejecta Mathematica was an online journal for publishing papers that have been rejected by other mathematics journals such as Annals of Mathematics. Each paper is accompanied by an open letter describing why the paper was rejected, how the topic has been developed since and why it is worthy of publication. The first issue was published in July 2009 containing topics such as image enhancement and condition numbers.[1] The quality of the contributions is mixed but one paper has already attracted more citations than another paper which the same author had published in the Journal of the American Mathematical Society.[2] The editors are: Michael Wakin, Christopher Rozell, Mark Davenport and Jason Laska.[1]

After almost two years since the inaugural issue, the second issue was published in June 2011 and contains topics such as subspace classification and distributions of pseudoprimes.

As of April 2013, the website is not online anymore.

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