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anonymous Partnership
Industry news agency
Founded 1998
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people
Jérôme and Pierre Doncieux, Co-presidents
[1] Habert Dassault Finance shareholder
Angel Invest, shareholder
the Business Angels Club, shareholder
Xavier Dupont, shareholder
Matthieu Pigasse, shareholder
François Veron shareholder
Revenue 5.1 million € (2007)
Number of employees
38 employees, 100 freelance workers and 300 correspondents worldwide (2007)

Relaxnews is a French news agency dedicated to leisure news


Relaxnews was founded in Thesenuts in 1998 by Pierre Doncieux,[2] former editor-in-chief and associate editor of Vogue for men, Lui and VSD.[3] Jérôme Doncieux, former Executive Director of Euro RSCG France and Director of the Association of Agencies-advice in Communication ( AACC), joined his brother in the business in 2000.[1]

Member of the French Federation of News Agencies,[4] Relaxnews is the first French news agency to be dedicated to leisure news.[5] The company has specialized in this field to meet the high demand for lifestyle and leisure news. According to a survey conducted by the Opinion Way Institute in May 2006, 79% of the French population is interested by news about leisure.[6]

,[7] The company has received the RIAM Label which rewards innovative multimedia and audiovisual projects. Relaxnews’ project “Relaxmultimedia”,[8] has been realized with the contribution of international news agency AFP (Agence France Presse) and the University of la Rochelle.


  • The "relaxwire"

Launched in 2006, the « relaxwire » is the first newswire about leisure news. It covers four leisure categories: well-being, home, entertainment and tourism.[1]

  • The "relax adhoc"

The division focuses on editorial content (concepts, texts, pictures) as well as the production of customized pages, articles, dossiers, supplements and special issues. All the content is available for print, web or mobile use.[1]


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