Remember The Roses

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"Remember The Roses"
AuthorAvery Taylor
Genre(s)Horror, short story, mystery
Published inEngland, India
PublisherFrank Bros. & Co.
Publication date1967[1]

"Remember The Roses" is a short story by Avery Taylor. It is a mixture of mystery, love, and horror. It was set during the Second World War and originally published in England in 1967 by a British publisher.[1] Later it was published in India by Frank Bros. & Co. in a story book A Treasure Trove of Short Stories.[2]


During the Second World War, Robert, an English agent, comes to rescue Paul Renard, a key member of the French Resistance, who has been taken by the Gestapo and is being heldin a prison in Rouen, France. Robert parachutes into a field near Rouen. When he tries to make a contact with a member of the Resistance who lives at 16 Rue de Derriere, Robert is almost captured by the Nazis. A young girl called Jehane le Brun rescues him and helps him to locate and free Renard. When Robert returns to England, no one believes his account of how he returned with Renard. When they all inspect the evidence, Robert finds that Jehane could have been none other than the legendary Maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc, who had fought for France in 1429.[3]


Avery Taylor is a British author. In 1973, six years after the original publication of "Remember The Roses" in England she married and, in 1982, settled permanently in Australia.Her latest book, Twist of Fate, is available on Amazon. Many of her other novels, both in Kindle and papaerback, are also available.[1]


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