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The Removing Wardrobe was a sub-department of the British Royal Household. It was responsible for looking after the furnishings which travelled from palace to palace. The office was headed by the Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe (a sinecure office), assisted by two grooms and three pages, all appointed by the Lord Chamberlain. The department was abolished in 1782.

Yeomen of the Removing Wardrobe[edit]

  • 1660–1662: Clement Kinnersley
  • 1662–1674: Luke Wilkes
  • 1674–1689: Philip Kinnersley
  • 1689–1693: T. Sackville
  • 1693–1708: P. Hume
  • 1708–1710: George Davenant
  • 1710–1743: Hon. G. Maynard (and Keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at St. James's Palace)
  • 1743–1782: James Calthorpe