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Corado with all of his eggs

René Corado (born 1960) is a Guatemalan-American oologist, biologist and writer.

Early life[edit]

Corado was born in a small village of El Chicał, Morazan, El Progreso, Guatemala among six siblings.[1] In 1968, at age 8, René and his family moved to Guatemala City. He attended school in the morning and to help his family survive, he shined shoes in the afternoon and asked for leftovers to feed his siblings. Some days he did not collect enough food and visited the dump to look for food for himself. In 1981 Corado emigrated to the United States.[2] He went to Hollywood where he started as a gardener for the Donald L. Bleitz Wildlife Foundation in 1982. Bleitz passed away in 1986 and requested that all study skins go to the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, which became the largest egg and nest collection in the world, founded by Ed N. Harrison in 1956.[3] Corado worked alongside Harrison and by 1991 had graduated[4] with honors, receiving the "Diploma Plus Reward". He was invited to lunch with Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley for his accomplishments. He had the opportunity to learn from condor researcher Lloyd Kiff and wildlife illustrators Dana Gardner and John Schmitt.[5]


In 2001, Corado started a bird conservation project in Guatemala. By 2004, with the help of Linnea Hall and the support of Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology he created a campaign called the Guatemala River Project to work towards cleaning the heavily polluted Motagua River.[6] He and Hall collaborated on publications such as Egg & Nest, which emphasizes the diversity that can be found in bird eggs and nests.[7] In 2014 he wrote El Lustrador (in Spanish) and the bilingual children's book The Adventures of René Corado: The Shoeshine Boy, published in 2016, to inspire immigrant communities, and others alike, to reach their goals and recognize that every dream is possible.[8][9] Sales from these books support his foundation, El Lustrador.[10]

on September 2019 he was honored as Guatemalan Ambassador of Peace.

The mission of the El Lustrador Foundation is to help eliminate poverty, build strong families, and promote education among the poorest of the Guatemalan people through providing mentoring and/or scholarships to youth and their families in Guatemala and the United States.[11][12]

The WFVZ has more than a million bird eggs, eighteen thousand bird nests and fifty six thousand study skins (of birds).[13] Ornithologists and researchers rely on its archive and expansive collection of specimens. Ornithology and Oology classes are taught at this nonprofit as well. The WFVZ is dedicated to education, research and the conservation of birds and their habitats. Corado works as the Collections Manager of the museum.


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  • 2003: Amigo Del Museo. Asociacion de Museos de Guatemala. Guatemala, Guatemala.
  • 2014: Distinguished Guatemalan. Semana Del Guatemalteco. California, USA.
  • 2014: Special guest at the Guatemalan Fair, Los Angeles. California, USA
  • 2014: GVII Awards. California, USA.
  • 2015: Certificate of Recognition for Support and Leadership. California Legislature Assembly. California, USA.
  • 2015: Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to the Immigrants from Guatemala. City of Los Angeles. California, USA.
  • 2015: Guatemalan Writer of the Year. Semana Del Guatemalteco. California, USA.
  • 2015: Special guest at the Guatemalan Fair, Los Angeles. California, USA
  • 2015: Distinguished Citizen of Morazan, El Progreso, Guatemala
  • 2016: Award Distinguished Guatemalan Abroad by the Congress of Guatemala.
  • 2016: Award from Department of Environment. Guatemala
  • 2016: Distinguished Guatemalan. Central American Confederation (COFECA). California, USA.
  • 2016: Certificate of Appreciation for serving the Central America Communities. City of Los Angeles. California, USA.
  • 2016: Book El Lustrador Heritage Documentary of Guatemala. Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes y Viceministerio de del Patrimonio Cultural y Natural.
  • 2016: Special guest at the Guatemalan Fair, Los Angeles. California, USA
  • 2016: For Support and Motivation for Children of the Trash Dump. Escuela Manuel Marcos Martinez. Guatemala, Guatemala.
  • 2016: Award for Support and Motivation to Children and Teenagers. Biblioteca Bernardo Lemus. Purulha, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala.
  • 2016: Award of Talent and Inspiration. Cooperativa Coban. Coban, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
  • 2016: Award of Inspiration for Teenagers. Colegio Cristiano Tecnologico. Guatemala, Guatemala.
  • 2016: Award of Cooperation and participation on The Book Fair. Camara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de California. California, USA.
  • 2017: Received the Key of City of Gualan, Zacapa, Guatemala.
  • 2018: Personaje Sobresaliente, Morazán, El Progreso, Guatemala.
  • 2018: Latino Leadership Award, El Concilio, California
  • 2018: Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, United States Congress, USA
  • 2018: Certificate of Recognition for Leadership. California Assembly. California, USA
  • 2018: Certificate of Recognition for Leadership. California Legislature. California, USA
  • 2018: Award Distinguished Visitor. Panajachel, Solola Guatemala.
  • 2019: Guatemalan Ambassador of Peace.


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