Rencontre avec le dragon

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Rencontre avec le dragon
Directed by Hélène Angel
Produced by Michel Saint-Jean
Written by Hélène Angel
Jean-Claude Janer
Agnès de Sacy
Starring Daniel Auteuil
Nicolas Nollet
Music by Philippe Miller
Cinematography Benoît Delhomme
Edited by Pauline Dairou
Studio 24
Release date
August 6, 2003
Running time
Country France
Language French
Budget 9,76 million €

Rencontre avec le dragon (also known as "The Red Knight") is a French film directed by Hélène Angel. [1][2]


Guillaume travels with his friend Raoul de Vautadour who has a sinister secret: Every night he turns into a beast.
The little boy Felix, a great admirer, manages to come along with the both of them. In the beginning he is very happy about that. Yet eventually he realises the difference between legend and reality. Guillaume's poverty is not romantic but simply the sparse life of an outsider who has no alternative. His doings are not on a stringent crusade but a desperate search for purpose.
Finally Felix understands that Guillaume is not to be envied.



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