Rendezvous in Paris

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Rendezvous in Paris
"Rendezvous in Paris".jpg
Directed by Gabi Kubach
Produced by Susi Dölfes
Jan Kadlec
Mathias Wittich
Written by Gabi Kubach
Starring Claude Jade
Harald Kuhlmann
Barry Stokes
Music by Paul Vincent Gunia (as Paul Vincent)
Cinematography Helge Weindler
Edited by Rolf Basedow
France 3 (FR 3)
Distributed by Bavaria-Filmkunst Verleih (all media)
Release date
11 December 1982 (France)
23 December 1983 (West Germany)
Running time
104 minutes
Country France / West Germany
Language German

Rendezvous in Paris is a 1982 Franco-German film directed by Gabi Kubach and starring Claude Jade, Harald Kuhlmann and Barry Stokes. It is based on a novel by Vicki Baum.


In Berlin in 1930, sensitive Evelyne Droste (Claude Jade) leads a sheltered life married to respectable lawyer Kurt (Harald Kuhlmann). The children are cared for by a governess and a nanny, and she feels somehow superfluous and unfulfilled on a personal level. But when she meets the American Frank Davies (Barry Stokes) at a party, her passion and vitality return. Evelyn finally agrees to Frank's invitation for a weekend in Paris. But while Evelyn puts her middle-class life on the line, for Frank it is perhaps only an adventure ...[1]


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