Extraordinary Rendition (film)

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Extraordinary Rendition
Directed byJim Threapleton
Produced byAndy Noble
Written byJim Threapleton (plot outline)
StarringOmar Berdouni
Andy Serkis
Release date
  • 2007 (2007)
Running time
77 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Extraordinary Rendition is a 2007 drama film directed by Jim Threapleton and starring Omar Berdouni and Andy Serkis, known for his role in The Lord of The Rings.[1] The film was premiered at the Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland on 8 August 2007, and at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 21 August 2007, but is still awaiting a full commercial release. It was released on DVD in early 2008, and screened by the BBC on 30 April the same year.


A man is snatched from the streets of his home city (London) and transported to an unknown destination. Held in a tiny cell with no access to legal representation, he is cut off from the outside world. Advanced interrogation techniques are used to break him down. His life is deconstructed with such manipulation that even he begins to question his innocence. He is transported again, in a small jet marked only 'N379P', to the searing heat of an unspecified locale where interrogation is quickly replaced by sophisticated torture. No reason is offered for his detention and no timetable is set for his release. No governments are mentioned, no radical factions named, no fingers pointed. There is nothing for him to hang onto. The man has fallen out of the world, and only questions remain. Returned without explanation to the UK many months later, he is left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life in a world he no longer recognizes.


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