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Directed by Emilio Fernández
Produced by A.N.D.A, PECIME, Televisa (Telesistema Mexicano)
Written by Emilio Fernández
Julio Alejandro
Starring Pedro Infante
Jorge Negrete
María Félix
Dolores del Río
Tin Tan
Music by Antonio Díaz Conde
Cinematography Alex Phillips
Edited by Gloria Schoemann
Running time
103 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Reportaje ("Report News") is a 1953 Mexican film. The film brought together the most important stars of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and was held for charitable purposes for the A.N.D.A (Asociación Nacional de Actores) of México.

The film is divided in 6 chapters around a principal storyline. Was released in a special presentation in the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.


The owner of a daily paper wants to find the most important news on New Year's Eve. Therefore, he decides to send his top reporters to strategic points in Mexico City.

Chapter 1: The Hospital[edit]

One of the reporters arrives at the hospital and finds his wife about to give birth. Upon entering the hospital, he witnesses a number of peculiar cases.


Chapter 2: The Police Station[edit]

The Head of a police station is forced to deal with several comedic cases which involve rather peculiar characters.


Chapter 3: The House of a rich man[edit]

The reporter shows up at a party hosted by one of the city's richest men, who is about to propose to his fiancee. However, a sudden malaise makes evident that he does not have much time left.


Chapter 4: The Show center[edit]

Several stars trying to get ahead in a Show Center. In the middle of the performance, a rich man is blackmailed by two peculiar thieves.


Chapter 5: The Divorce[edit]

The owner of the Daily returns home, where his beautiful wife asks for a divorce. The couple begins to remember details of their happy years.


Chapter 6: The Hotel[edit]

In a hotel room, a couple of young stars are having a fight: the man (a singer) is unwilling to get up the bed. To his surprise, a particularly beautiful woman shows up.



Renowned Mexican comedian, Cantinflas, refused to act in the film without salary -apparently the other stars did perform without pay. Mexican actor, Pedro Armendáriz, was announced as a cast member in several magazines at the time; however, he does not appear in the film.

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