Requiem for a Fish

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Requiem for a Fish
Requiem pour un poisson.jpg
Cover of French edition
Author Christine Adamo
Original title Requiem pour un poisson
Country France
Language French
Genre Crime novel
Publisher Liana Levi
Publication date
7 January 2005
Media type Print
Pages 348 pp (first edition)
ISBN 2-86746-378-5

Requiem pour un poisson (Requiem for a Fish) is a 2005 novel by French author Christine Adamo.


The coelacanth is a very strange fish. On the one hand, this ancient species might have been the missing link between land and sea. On the other hand, everybody thought that it had disappeared long before dinosaurs' extinction. Yet, one day of 1938, a South African fisherman catches a specimen in its nets. But is the fish really the famous coelacanth? The world of science gets passionate and jealous around the beast. Who will be the first to trace the origins of mankind? Stealing, cheating, lying... murdering? And Why is Marie, this young pregnant Parisian, suddenly caught in this story?

Between Africa and the Comoro Islands, the Comoro Islands and Sulawesi, London and Paris, the world of ichthyology turns to a gripping thriller.

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