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Resan (The Journey)
Directed by Peter Watkins
Produced by Peter Watkins
Written by Peter Watkins
Starring Francine Bastien
Brian Mulroney
Mila Mulroney
Edited by Manfred Becker
Petra Valier
Peter Watkins
Peter Wintonick
Release date
Running time
873 minutes[1]

Resan (The Journey) is a 1987 documentary film by Peter Watkins, made between the years 1983 and 1985 on several continents,[2] and structured around the theme of nuclear weapons, military spending and poverty. Ordinary people are asked about their awareness of these issues.

With a running time of over 14 hours, Resan is the longest non-experimental film ever made. It was screened at the Toronto Festival of Festivals in 1987, but has rarely been seen since. In February 2007, it was screened at the Mexico City International Festival of Contemporary Cinema (FICCO) as part of a retrospective on Peter Watkins. Between April 25 and May 1, 2007, all 19 parts of the film were screened at the Austrian Filmmuseum in Vienna, Austria as part of a retrospective on Peter Watkins.

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