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A research site is a place where people conduct research. Common research sites include universities, hospitals, research institutes, and field research locations.

Clinical research[edit]

In clinical research a research site conducts all or part of a clinical trial. For clinical trials which recruit research participants in multiple locations, often the research will have a headquarters then multiple regional research sites to conduct the research in that region. In a network of research sites where all are recruiting study participants, sites with low recruitment benefit from coaching from sites with high recruitment.[1]

Characteristics of good clinical research sites include setting good timelines, early participant recruitment, and having a management plan for efficiency.[2]

Researchers in nursing have reported challenges accessing the facilities designated for conventional medical research.[3]

The design of a research site should have a means of detecting fraud.[4]

Ethnographic research[edit]

Researchers who do not have a cultural tie to a research population may have difficulty doing ethnographic research with that community.[5]


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