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Residue may refer to:

Chemistry and biology[edit]

  • An amino acid, within a peptide chain
  • Crop residue, materials left after agricultural processes
  • Pesticide residue, refers to the pesticides that may remain on or in food after they are applied to food crops
  • Petroleum residue, the heavier fractions of crude oil that fail to vaporize in an oil refinery
  • Residue (chemistry), materials remaining after a physical separation process, or by-products of a chemical reaction



  • Residue (TV series), an English science-fiction series from 2015
  • "Residue", a song by Benjamin Clementine from And I Have Been, 2022
  • A variant title of a British folk song also known as "Levy-Dew" and "New Year Carol"


  • Residuum (geology), often used to refer to the soil and subsoil that forms as the result of long weathering over carbonate bedrock
  • Residue (law), portion of the testator's estate that is not specifically devised to someone in the will
  • Residual value, one of the constituents of a leasing calculus which describes the future value of a good in terms of absolute value

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