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CD+Blu-ray Disc format cover
Single by T.M.Revolution
Released June 11, 2008
Format CD-only
CD+Blu-ray Disc
Genre J-pop
Label Epic Records Japan
T.M.Revolution singles chronology

"Resonance" is the twenty-second single from T.M.Revolution released on June 11, 2008 in Japan by Epic Records Japan. "Resonance" was released three years after T.M.Revolution's twenty-first single "Vestige". The single was released in three types of editions: CD-only, CD+DVD and CD+Blu-ray Disc; this is the first time in history for an artist to release a CD+Blu-ray Disc format.[1] The first edition releases also came with a "T.M.Revolution×Soul Eater Wide Cup" sticker. The PV uses segments from all his past music videos edited to make it look like he's singing the lyrics to "Resonance." "Resonance" is used as the opening theme to the anime Soul Eater, and the song "Soul's Crossing" on the single is used as the theme song to the video game based on the Soul Eater series, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Resonance"
  2. "Soul's Crossing"
  1. "Resonance" -music clip-

Oricon Chart Positions[edit]

Chart Peak
Sales Time in
Oricon Weekly Singles #4 85,429 18 weeks


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