Resurrection (Dungeon album)

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Studio album by Dungeon
Released 1999
Recorded Powerhouse Studios, Sydney, Australia, 1998
Genre Heavy metal, Power metal
Length 46:39
Label Warhead Records
Producer Lord Tim, Mark Worrall & Gustav Hoffman
Dungeon chronology
A Rise to Power

Resurrection is the second album from Australian heavy metal band Dungeon. Recording was fraught with difficulties including a brief period when first Sayers then Grose both left then rejoined the group and the low budget available resulted in poor sound quality; nonetheless Dungeon was courted by Century Media before deciding to have the album released by Warhead Records. It was released in October, 1999 as the final release from that label. The album was later completely re-recorded and released worldwide in 2005. The 2005 version featured Lord Tim (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass), Steve Moore (drums, vocals) and Stu Marshall (guitar, vocals).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Death from Above" Tim Grose 0:44
2. "Resurrectiom" Tim Grose/Steve Moore 4:39
3. "Paradise" Dale Corney/Tim Grose 4:37
4. "Judgment Day" Tim Grose 5:01
5. "Wake Up" Justin Sayers 4:31
6. "Fight" Dale Corney/Tim Grose/Justin Sayers 3:57
7. "Let it Go" Justin Sayers 3:16
8. "Time to Die" Dale Corney 5:43
9. "I Am Death" Tim Grose 5:41
10. "No Way Out" Dale Corney 3:19
11. "The Legend of Huma" Tim Grose 7:01


  • The song "The Legend of Huma" is based on the novel The Legend of Huma from the Dragonlance series of books
  • Three tracks had appeared in different versions on the previous Japan-only release Demolition. These songs were "Paradise", "Time to Die" and "I Am Death". "Paradise" is Dungeon's most recorded track as an even earlier version with a different bass line featured on the "Changing Moods" demo. It was then recorded again for Rising Power in 2003 and a fifth time in 2004. There is also a live version of the track on Under the Rising Sun.
  • bass player Justin Sayers sings the lead vocal on the tracks "Wake Up" and "Let it Go". "Let it Go" does not appear on the re-recorded version of this album. It was replaced by a track called "Severed Ties". Sayers performs a version of "Wake Up" with his current band Platinum Brunette that features significantly different lyrics.