Return of the Prodigal (Cui Jian album)

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Return of the Prodigal
Return of the Prodigal (Cui Jian album).jpg
Studio album / Live album by
Released1984 (1984)
GenreChinese rock
Cui Jian chronology
Return of the Prodigal Rock 'N' Roll On The New Long March

Liangzi gui (浪子归, in English variously known as The Return of the Vagabond, The Prodigal Returns, and other unofficial translations) was Cui Jian's first album in 1984. It originally circulated as a cassette, then was released in Hong Kong and Taiwan only. Cui regarded the CD as a collection of demos and performances, not as his first album.[1] In 2009 the tracks from the Hong Kong release were reissued in Beijing with other early recordings, indicating "The sound of Cui Jian in 1986" on the cover, as a CD.


  1. ^ Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture Edward L. Davis - 2012 "2 August 1961, Beijing Rock singer Cui Jian was born into an ethnically Korean musician's family. He started learning the trumpet at ... In late 1984, he recorded his first album, Return of the Prodigal Son (Langzi gui). Cui did not contribute the"