Revaz Gamkrelidze

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Revaz Valerianovich Gamkrelidze
Born (1927-02-04) February 4, 1927 (age 97)
Alma materMoscow State University
AwardsLenin Prize (1962)
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorLev Pontryagin

Revaz Valerianovic Gamkrelidze (Georgian: რევაზ ვალერის ძე გამყრელიძე, ISO 9984: Revaz Valeris je Gamqrelije; born February 4, 1927) is a Georgian and Soviet mathematician known for his work in optimal control theory and related fields. Gamkrelidze is a member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences[1] and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.[2] He is the founding editor of Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences.[3]

Revaz Gamkrelidze is the brother of the linguist Tamaz Gamkrelidze.


After secondary school, Gamkrelidze attended Tbilisi State University.[4] In his sophomore year, he went to Moscow to study at the mechanics and mathematics faculty of the Moscow State University where he became a student of Pontryagin.[4]


At Moscow State University he initially worked in the fields of algebraic geometry and topology and derived what is now known as Gamkrelidze's formula .[5] In 1954 he began his work on optimal control. He wrote Mathematical Theory of Optimal Processes with Pontryagin, Boltyanskii and Mishchenko. This work was awarded the State Lenin Prize for Science and Technology in 1962.[6][7] Gamkrelidze is the founding editor of Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sciences.


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