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Gregory Abbott, known professionally as Reverend Gadget, is a steel fabrication artist, craftsman, prop builder and television personality based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known to television audiences as part of the build team on the short-lived Discovery Channel series Big!, and has more recently been part of their other series Monster House and Smash Lab. He is currently in production on his own series, Gadget's Electric Garage – also known as Gadget's World – in which he shows his advocation of alternative energy sources by converting gasoline-powered vehicles to electricity.

Abbott took the name "Reverend Gadget" to reflect both his craftsman works and the fact that he has been an ordained minister since 1986. According to his website, he currently holds 10 Guinness World Records for his works, some of which were with the Big! build team. He was interviewed in the documentary Revenge of the Electric Car.

Gadget lives with his wife, artist and designer Scarlet Abbott, in their warehouse and studio in Los Angeles, California.

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