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Reverse waterfall is a phenomenon in which water is blown upward due to strong wind in waterfalls giving an apparent perception of water flowing upwards. Strong blowing of wind above about 75 km/hr can cause such phenomena.[1]

List of observed location[edit]

These have been observed in Australia, India, Japan, the UK and various parts of the world where there is chance of strong wind such as:

A view of reverse waterfall
  • Australia: A wind of 70 km/h caused reverse waterfalls in various location in Sydney, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Hunter, Illawarra areas and in the Royal National Park.[2][3][4]
  • India:
    • A waterfall at Naneghat in Malshej Ghat Road near Mumbai[5]
    • Samrad village in the Sandhan Valley has waterfalls showing reverse waterfall during monsoon.[5]
    • Amboli hills near Belgaum have various waterfalls that becomes active in monsoon which gets blown upward due to strong wind.[5]
  • Hawaii: The Waipuhia Falls in Oahu gets reversed due to north-easterly trade winds.[5]
  • Japan: Shiretoko National Park in Japan has Furepe Falls to the Sea of Okhotosk. This fall also gets reversed during strong wind.[5][6]
  • Brazil: In the Chapada Diamantina National Park the Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Waterfall) shows the phenomenon.[5]
  • Chile: The waterfall in Talca shows the phenomenon.[5]


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