Revista H

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Revista H
H Extremo magazine cover.jpg
Mariana Ochoa on the cover of H Extremo in February 2009.
Editor-in-chief Verena Bormann (2001–present)
Editor Eduardo Olivar(2010–present)
Categories Men's Magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Notmusa, Inc.
First issue February 1999
Company Grupo Editorial Notmusa
Country  Mexico  United States
Language Spanish

Revista H or H Para Hombres is a Mexican men's magazine known for its revealing pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers and female models. This version of the magazine doesn't contain full frontal nudity, but the uncensored version of this magazine does, which is H Extremo.

This is a monthly publication that is sold in Mexico and in the USA.

The magazine has featured photographs of dozens of Mexican celebrities as well as foreign celebrities.

The following is a list of magazine cover models:


Issue Cover Month Note
027 Cecilia Galeano August TV Host
028 Paty Muñoz September Actress
029 Bárbara Mori October Actress
030 Xuxu November Big Brother
031 Adriana Fonseca December Actress


Issue Cover Month Note
032 Alejandra Ávalos January Actress
036 Shakira May Singer
037 Lorena Herrera June Actress / Singer
038 Britney Spears July Singer
039 Patricia Manterola August Actress
040 Edith González September Actress
041 Ninel Conde October Actress
042 Ivonne Montero November Actress
043 Paty Navidad December Actress


Issue Cover Month Note
044 Paulina Rubio January Singer
045 Shakira February Singer
046 Jennifer Lopez March Singer / Actress
047 Bárbara Mori April Actress
048 Alejandra Prado May Actress
049 Galilea Montijo June TV Host
050 Anette Michel July Actress
051 Ana la Salvia August Actress
052 Lorena Rojas September Actress / Singer
053 Marlenne Favela October Actress
054 Vica Andrade November Actress
055 Mariana Ochoa December Singer


Issue Cover Month Note
056 Ninel Conde & Adriana Fonseca January Actresses
057 Pamela Anderson February Actress
058 Daisy Fuentes March Actress
059 Susana González April Actress
060 Isabel Madow May Big Brother
061 Silvia Irabien (La Chiva) June Big Brother
062 Pilar Montenegro July Singer
063 Alessandra Rosaldo August Singer
064 Sissi September ---
065 Cecilia Galeano October TV Host
066 Gloria Trevi November Singer
067 Mariana Ochoa December Singer


Issue Cover Month Note
068 Anette Michel January TV Host
069 Itatí Cantoral February Actress
070 Ingrid Coronado March TV Host
071 Joana Benedek April Actress
072 Galilea Montijo May TV Host
073 Mariana Seoane June Actress / Singer
074 Xuxu July Big Brother
075 Aylín Mújica August Actress
076 Dulce María September Actress / Singer
077 Betty Monroe October Actress
078 Ninel Conde November Actress
079 Mónica Noguera December TV Host


Issue Cover Month Note
080 Aracely Arámbula January Actress / Singer
081 Odalys Ramírez February TV Host
082 Maité Perroni March Actress
083 Vanessa Guzmán April Actress
084 Mayrín Villanueva May Actress
085 Ludwika Paleta June Actress
086 Ana de la Reguera July Actress
087 Ivonne Montero August Actress
088 Camila Sodi September Actress
089 Marlene Favela October Actress
090 Paulina Rubio November Singer
091 Angelique Boyer December Actress


Issue Cover Month Note
092 Susana González January Actress
093 Galilea Montijo February Actress
094 Maribel Guardia March Actress / Singer / TV Host
095 Patricia Manterola April Actress / Singer
096 Irán Castillo May Singer / Actress
097 Claudia Álvarez June Actress
098 Ceci Ponce July TV Host
099 Mariana Seoane August Stunt actor
100 Claudia Lizaldi September TV Host
101 Adriana Fonseca October Actress
102 Silvia Irabien (La Chiva) & Fabiola Campomanes November BB - reality show / actress
103 Andrea García December Actress


Issue Cover Month Note
104 Liz Vega January Actress
105 Altair Jarabo & Adriana Riveramelo February Actress / TV Host
106 Gabriela Spanic March Actress
107 Pilar Montenegro April Singer
108 Las Hermanas Karuna e Inés Sainz May Actress & Host
109 Sabine Moussier June Actress
110 Galilea Montijo July Actress
111 Luz Elena González August Actress / Singer
112 Ingrid Martz September Actress
113 Cecilia Ponce October TV Host
114 Karla Álvarez November Actress
115 Angelique Boyer December Actress


Issue Cover Month Note
116 Noelia January Singer
117 Dorismar February Model
118 Ludwika Paleta March Actress
119 María de la Fuente April Actress and Model
120 Maribel Guardia May Actress / TV Host
121 Sugey Abrego June TV Host
122 Vielka Valenzuela July TV Host
123 Sara Maldonado August Actress
124 Marisol González September Model / TV Host
125 Karla October Singer
126 Wanders Lover November Model
127 María José December Singer


Issue Cover Month Note
128 Arleth Terán January Actress
129 Wendy Braga February TV Host / Model / Actress
130 Mayrín Villanueva March Actress
131 Mariana Ríos April Actress
132 Malillany Marin May Actress
133 Fernanda López June Actress
134 Grettel Valdez July Actress
135 Larissa Riquelme August Model
136 Patricia Navidad September Actress
137 Maki Soler October Actress
138 Ninel Conde November Actress & Singer
139 Cynthia Urías December Actress & TV Host


Issue Cover Month Note
140 Zoraida Gómez January Actress
141 María Elisa Camargo February Actress
142 Odalys Ramírez March TV Host
143 Andrea García April TV Host & actress
144 Jimena Sánchez y sus Mad Mamacitas May TV Host & actress
145 Mayte Carranco June TV Host
146 Vanessa Claudio July TV Host
147 Tábata Jalil August TV Host
148 Tania Vázquez September Actress
149 Wendy Gonzalez October Actress
150 Mariana Echeverria November TV Host
151 Andrea Escalona December Actress


Issue Cover Month Note
152 Ana Bekoa January Actress
153 Lorena Rojas February Actress
154 Rebeca Rubio March TV Host & Model
155 Claudia Lizaldi April TV Host
156 Paola Toyos May Actress
157 Fátima Torre June Actress
158 Lisette Morelos July Actress
159 Georgina Holguin August TV Host
160 María Fernanda Malo September Actress
161 Livia Brito October Actress
162 Amanda Rosa November TV Host
163 Ana Victoria December Musician


Issue Cover Month Note
164 Veronica Pliego January TV Host
165 Nora Salinas February Actress
166 Ninel Conde March Actress & Singer & TV Host
167 Ivonne Ley April Actress & Singer & TV Host
168 Marlene Favela May Actress
169 Arlene Maciel June TV Host
170 Gloria Aura July Actress & Singer & TV Host
171 Maria León[disambiguation needed] August Singer
172 Mariluz Bermudez September Actress
173 Nataly Umaña October Actress & Model
174 Jimena Ochoa November Surfer & Model
175 Michelle Vieth December Actress


Issue Cover Month Note
176 Ariadne Diaz January Actress
177 Gimena Gomez February Actress & Singer
178 Margarita Magaña March Actress
179 Maria Jose Suarez April TV host
180 Laura Carmine May Actress
181 Zuleyka Rivera June Actress & Model
182 Amanda Rosa July TV Host
183 Mariana Ríos August Actress
184 Lisset September Actress
185 Jass Reyes October Singer
186 Penelope, Darya y Maira November Models
187 Belinda December Models & Actress & Singer


Issue Cover Month Note
188 Maria Aura January Models & Actress
189 Barbara Islas February Models & TV Host
190 Gwen Garcia March Actress & TV Host
191 Tana Planter Abril Model & Singer
192 Ana Lucia Blaksley May Model
193 Karenka June Actress, Model & Singer
194 Mimi Morales July Actress & Singer
195 Alejandra Rivera "La Jarocha" August Model & Singer
196 Candela Marquez September Model & Actress
197 Yanet García October Model & TV Host
198 Dorismar November Model & TV Host
199 Manelik y Talia December Model & TV Host


Issue Cover Month Note
200 Jimena Sanchez January Models & Actress
201 Esmeralda Ugalde February Models & TV Host
202 Maria Jose Magan March Actress & TV Host
203 Veronica Montes Abril Actress & TV Host
204 Maria Fernanda Quiroz May Model
205 Nidia Garcia June Model
206 Andrea Escalona July Actress & Singer
207 Sylvia Saenz August Actress
208 Vanessa Arias September Model & Actress
209 Ana Bekoa October Actress
210 Erika Fernandez November Model & TV Host
211 África Zavala December Actress, Model & TV Host


Issue Cover Month Note
212 Africa Zavala January Actress, Model & TV Host
213 Karina Pindter February Actress
214 Daniela Fainus March Model & TV Host
215 Patty Lopez de la Cerda April Model & TV Host

H Extremo[edit]

Issue Cover Month Note Full Frontal Nudity ?
001 Cecilia Galliano August 2006 TV Host No
002 Aleida Nuñez January 2007 Actress No
003 Mary Boquitas April 2007 Singer / Actress Yes
004 Irán Castillo July 2007 Singer / Actress No
005 Mariana Seoane October 2007 Actress No
006 Aline Hernández January 2008 Actress No
007 Denisse Padilla March 2008 Actress, TV Host No Lis Vega March 2008 Actress Yes
008 Ivonne Montero May 2008 Actress No
009 Lili Brillanti & Gaby Ramírez July 2008 TV Hostess No & No
010 Fabiola Campomanes September 2008 Actress No
011 Géraldine Bazán November 2008 Actress No
012 Mariana Ochoa January 2009 Singer and actress Yes
013 Cynthia Klitbo March 2009 Actress Yes
014 Dorismar May 2009 Model Yes
015 Liliana Lago July 2009 Model & Singer Yes
016 Mariana Avila September 2009 Actress No
017 Paola Durante November 2009 Singer Yes
018 Aylín Mújica January 2010 Actress No
019 Lili Brillanti and Anaís March 2010 TV Hosts No & No
020 La Chiva May 2010 Model Yes
021 Leia Freitas July 2010 Model & Cooker Yes
022 Gaby Spanic September 2010 Actress No
023 Carmela Gonzáles November 2010 Model Yes
024 Dorismar January 2011 Model Yes
025 Gaby Elizalde March 2011 TV Host Yes
026 Andrea García July 2011 TV Host Yes
027 Haydee Navarra October 2011 Actress Yes
028 Aura Cristina Geithner December 2011 Actress Yes
029 Vanessa Arias April 2012 Actress No
030 Juliana Rodrigues June 2012 Model Yes
031 Sharis Cid November 2012 Actress No
032 María Fernanda Malo September 2014 Actress No
033 Amanda Rosa February 2015 Model, TV Host No

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