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Revue économique  
Discipline Economics
Language English, French
Edited by Thierry Kamionka
Publication details
Presses de la Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (France)
Publication history
Frequency Bimonthly
Delayed, after 3 years
ISSN 0035-2764
LCCN 52016395
OCLC no. 708221211
JSTOR 00352764

The Revue économique is a peer-reviewed academic journal published six times per year. It covers formal economics and other social sciences including history and sociology of relevance for economics. Articles are in French or English.


The first issue of the Revue économique was published in May, 1950. Founders included economic historian Fernand Braudel,[1] Albert Aftalion, who presided over the journal's board of directors ("comité de direction").[2] and Émile James (1899-1991), Étienne Labrousse (1895-1989), Jean Lhomme (1901-1987), Jean Marchal (1905-1995), Jean Meynaud (1914-1972), Henri Noyelle (1882-1966), Jean Weiller (1905-2000). Until 1977, the journal was published by Armand Colin and since 1978 by the Presses de Sciences Po.[3]

Here are some of the authors who has published articles in the journal:[4] · [5] John Abowd, Raymond Aron, Raymond Barre, Charles Bettelheim, François Bloch-Lainé, Roger Guesnerie, Francis Kramarz, Denis Kessler, Serge Christophe Kolm, Jean-Jacques Laffont, Wassily Léontief, Edmond Malinvaud, Pierre Mendès-France, Alfred Sauvy, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Jacques Rueff, Jan Tinbergen, Jean Tirole.

Prize of Revue économique[edit]

Every two years, the Prize is awarded to an author who published in the journal, for the whole of his/her work.[6]

  • 2012 : Claude Henry[7]
  • 2014 : Marc Fleurbaey[8]


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