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Revueltas Sánchez is the surname of the children of Gregorio Revueltas Gutiérrez (1871-1923) and his wife Romana Sánchez Arias (1883-1939), a Mexican artist family with roots in Durango. They had twelve children. The family lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco after 1910, before they moved to Mexico City in 1913.

Notable family members[edit]

Notable descendants[edit]

  • Children of José:
  • Children of Silvestre:
    • Eugenia Revueltas Acevedo (b. 1934), writer
    • Carmen Revueltas Klarecy (later Carmen Montoya and Carmen Peers, born c. 1920–died 1995), ballet and flamenco dancer
  • Children of Agustin
    • Arthur P. Revueltas(b.1954),Educator, Deputy Superintendent,Montebello Unified Schhool District

Further reading[edit]

  • R. Revueltas Sánchez Los Revueltas: Biografía de una familia (Spanish), 1979.


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