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For places in Iran, see Reyhan, Iran.

Reyhan (Arabic: ريحان, Hebrew: ריחן, meaning "aromatic plants", "basil" and/or "myrtle", also spelled as Rayhan, Rayhaan, Raihan, Raihaan, Rehan, or Rihan), may refer to:

Given name[edit]



  • Holy basil and basil in Arabic speaking countries outside North Africa, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Georgia - რეხანი (Rehan), Armenia - Ռեհան (Rehan), Azerbaijan - Рејхан (Reyhan), Tajikistan - Райхон (Ryhon), Uzbekistan - Райҳон (Ryhon) and Swahili - Mrihani (Mreehanee), an aromatic plant used in cooking, medicine, and other areas.[1]
  • Common myrtle in Arabic speaking countries of Northern Africa and Malta - Riħan (Reehan). In Spain this herb is known as Arrayán (originated from Arabic Reyhan), which itself is the name for Chilean myrtle in Chile and Argentina, and the name for Qualea ingens in Colombia.

Reyhan is derived from Arabic: رائحة, rih or riha "odour, fragrance" and originally did not mean basil but myrtle. This is still so in North African Arabic (and Maltese); moreover, the word has been transferred to medieval Spanish as Arrayán. Rehan in India Tulsi Herb name (myrtle).[2]


  • Rihan, Rayhan, Jabal Al Rayhan is a mountain in South Lebanon. On the peak of the mountain is a small village also called Rihan, Rayhan and the perfect pronunciation is Reihan (Lebanese common: Rihan)
  • Um ar-Rehan, a Palestinian village
  • Reihan, an Israeli settlement
  • Reyhan, Khuzestan, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Reyhan, Razavi Khorasan, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran


  • Rayhan (Persian) represent an Perso-Arabic calligraphy script developed in the 10th century.[3]



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