Rhizobiales-2 RNA motif

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Rhizobiales-2 RNA
Consensus secondary structure of Rhizobiales-2 RNAs
Symbol Rhizobiales-2
Rfam RF01723
Other data
RNA type sRNA
Domain(s) Rhizobiales

The Rhizobiales-2 RNA motif is a set of RNAs found in certain bacteria that are presumed to be homologous because they conserve a common primary and secondary structure (see diagram).[1] The motif was discovered using bioinformatics, and is found only within bacteria that belong to the order Rhizobiales, in turn a kind of alphaproteobacteria. Because Rhizobiales-2 RNAs are not consistently located in proximity to genes of a consistent class or function, these RNAs are presumed to function as non-coding RNAs.

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