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Rhytion is an ancient city of Crete, one of the seven cities of Crete that participated in the Trojan War according to the Iliad (besides Knossos, Gortys, Lykastos, Milatos, Lyktos, and Phaistos).

Homeric Rhytion was probably at Rotasani Kefala near the modern village of Rotasi (near Pyrgos, south-east of the Mesara Plain) The city continued to be independent until the Hellenistic period. According to Strabo, it then came under the rule of Gortys and declined. The town is also mentioned by Nonnos, Pliny the Elder and Stefanos Byzantios.

Rhytion remained inhabited, although insignificant, until the Byzantine period, until, according to Claudius Aelianus, the citizens were forced to leave by an insect plague.