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Riad Beyrouti in 2006

Riad Beyrouti (Arabic: ریاض بیروتي‎‎; born May 6, 1944 in Damascus) is a Syrian painter. He has been living in Lower Normandy since 1969.


Riad Beyrouti graduated from the Damascus National School of Fine Arts, where he had majored in sculpture. He moved to France in 1969 and attended l'École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, majoring in sculpture. César Baldaccini was in charge of the sculpture department at that time.

He takes part in various exhibitions in Caen[1] and Honfleur.[2]



  • Platon, 1968
  • Man And Time, 1968


  • Ink painting
  • Oil painting


An ink painting on paper (54x58 cm) was acquired by the Lower Normandy region on February 24, 1984 at the price of 7200 Frs.[3]

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