Riasg Buidhe Cross

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Riasg Buidhe Cross in the gardens of Colonsay House

The Riasg Buidhe Cross is a cross re-erected in the gardens of Colonsay House on the Inner Hebridean island of Colonsay, Scotland. Riasg Buidhe is also the name of a now ruined fishing village on the island of Colonsay.


Dating from the 7th or 8th century the cross was found in 1870 in Kiloran (Irish: Cill Oran) at Colonsay House which was built in 1722. Near to the cross lies Tobar Oran (English: The well of St. Oran) of the Chapel of St. Oran.

One side of the cross shows a solemn face with distinctive eyebrows and ears. The depicted face rests its chin on top of a cross with Celtic decor. It has two opposite spirals on the cross legs and lower ends in a fishtail.

The other side of the cross shows priapic form.


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