Rich List (German game show)

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Rich List - Jede Antwort zählt
Genre Game show
Presented by Kai Pflaume
Country of origin Germany
Original language(s) German
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 24
Original network Sat.1
Original release May 26, 2007 – July 26, 2008
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For other Versions of the show, please see The Rich List

Rich List – Jede Antwort zählt ("Rich List - Every Answer Counts") was the German version of the U.S. game show The Rich List which in turn was based on the British game show Who Dares Wins running on Sat.1, that premiered on May 26, 2007 at 7:15 pm. The show is very successful, because of this, Sat.1 renewed the show for a second season, which airs subsequent to season one. On August 29, 2007 the show was to move to the prime time slot of Wednesdays at 8:15 pm. The show is hosted by Kai Pflaume. This is the first non-English-language version of the show to air.

Main Game[edit]

Two teams of two players each competed. The teams were placed in separate soundproof isolation booths, with audio that could be turned on or off by the host, much like the Twenty-One game show. He would announce the category for the list, such as "Tom Cruise Movies" or "Top 50 Broadway Shows of All Time," and the teams would take turns bidding on how many they think they could name.

The host would switch the audio on and off between booths as the bidding continued, then turn them both on when one team challenged the other to fulfill the bid. The challenged team would then need to come up with that many correct answers in a row in order to win the list. One mistake would award it to their opponents.


Right Answers Winnings
3 €5,000
6 €10,000
9 €25,000
12 €50,000
15 €100,000