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Richard Donovan (born c. 1966)[1] is an Irish runner, commercial race organizer and sports administrator. Donovan was first to complete the inaugural South Pole Marathon[2] in January 2002, then completed the first marathon-length run in the North Pole in April of that year.[3] He used the publicity from this to launch his North Pole Marathon venture, offering runners an adventure tourism experience, with the 2018 event costing €16,000.[4]

Between 30 January and 5 February 2009, Donovan set a world record for running seven marathons, on seven different continents, in fewer than seven days.[1] Starting 1 February 2012 he improved on this by completing the 7 on 7 in under 120 hours.[5][6]

Donovan has also completed transcontinental runs across North America in 2015 and Europe in 2016[7], adding South America in 2017. In addition to the North Pole Marathon, he organizes the Antarctic Ice Marathon, the Volcano Marathon and the World Marathon Challenge, where competitors run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days[8].

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