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Richard Evans (born 23 October 1969) is an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist working in computer games.

He is the co-founder, along with Emily Short, of Little Text People, developing real-time multiplayer interactive fiction. Little Text People was acquired by Linden Lab in January 2012 for an undisclosed sum. [1]

Previously, he was at EA/Maxis, as the AI lead on The Sims 3.[2]

He designed and implemented the AI for Black & White, for which he received a number of awards, including the Game Developer Choice Award for Programming Excellence.[3][4] For this game he combined a number of different AI techniques from apparently competing AI paradigms, including perceptron training, and decision tree learning. The artificial creature in Black & White holds the Guinness World Record for most intelligent being in a game.[5] Black and White is Number 1 in AIGameDev's most influential AI games.[6]

He is particularly interested in the application of formal logic to AI applications.[7]


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