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Richard Laermer (born September 16, 1961 in Queens, New York) is the author of eight books and CEO of RLM Public Relations,[1] a PR firm he founded in 1991. He lived in New York, Connecticut, and La Quinta, California.

Laermer's book Full Frontal PR has been used as a text in public relations courses at universities including Georgia Southern, and he is quoted as a reference on marketing effectiveness, marketing strategy, consumerism, advertising and "no comment." Laermer's Native's Guide to New York was called a "top three NYC guide" by the Guardian.[2]

In 2007, Laermer was inducted into the PR News Hall of Fame.[3]


Laermer graduated from Pace University in 1983.

Prior to founding RLM Public Relations, Laermer was a freelance reporter. He authored articles for the Washington Post, New York Times, New York Daily News, Reuters, USA Today, New York magazine, Saturday Review, New York Observer, Us Magazine, Interview, New York Post, Chief Executive, and Editor & Publisher.

Laermer also served as the director of public affairs for Columbia Business School from 1989 to 1991.


Laermer is frequently quoted[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18] on topics related to business, image, and communications.


Laermer co-authors the Bad Pitch Blog. In 2007, the Bad Pitch Blog won an Award of Commendation in the Blog category from the Public Relations Society of America. Bad Pitch Blog is ranked No. 359 in the Ad Age Power150.[19] In May, 2009, it was named one of the "Top 10 Public Relations Blogs"[20] by Cision.

The 2011:Trendspotting blog was named a "Blog I Can't Live Without"[21] in the February 11, 2009 edition of Revolution Magazine (MediaWeek).

Laermer also contributes regularly to the Huffington Post.


  • 2011: Trendspotting for the Next Decade (2008; McGraw-Hill)
  • Punk Marketing: Get Off Your Ass and Join the Revolution, co-authored with Mark Simmons (author) (2007; HarperCollins) (2009)
  • Full Frontal PR: Building Buzz About Your Business, Your Product, or You (2003; Bloomberg Press) (2004)
  • Native's Guide to New York: Advice With Attitude for People Who Live Here—And Visitors We Like (2002; W. W. Norton & Company) (2001) (2000) (1999) (1998)
  • Trendspotting: Think Forward, Get Ahead, Cash in on the Future (2002; Perigee Trade)
  • Get on with It: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Getting Online (1997; Broadway Books)
  • Gay and Lesbian Guide to New York City (1994; Plume)
  • Bargain Hunting in Greater New York (1990; Prima Lifestyles)


In 2005, Laermer co-hosted "Taking Care of Business",[22] a series produced by Granada Productions that aired on TLC. In it, five business experts provided advice to struggling small businesses. The series premiered on October 16, 2005 and aired for 13 weeks.


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