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See Rich Lowry for American writer, pundit and current editor of National Review.

Jon Rico Lowry (aka Richard Lowry; born August 24, 1964) is an American film director. He was born in Moline, Illinois, and now resides in Los Angeles, California.

He and his younger brother have been creating independent movies for the world market for more than two decades. Lowry worked with Blane Wheatley and Kimberly Page on Monarch of the Moon.

Partial filmography[edit]

  • Hawk Jones (1986)
  • Jessica: A Ghost Story (1992)
  • The Looking Glass (2003)
  • The Wicksboro Incident (2003)
  • Quietus (2004) (short)
  • Monarch Of The Moon (2005)
  • White Lies (2006)
  • Rapture (2011)
  • How to Fail in Hollywood...and kill the dream (2012)
  • Mission: Hollywood! (reality series) (2012)

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