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Richard McCulloch (born 1949) is an American author who has written several books advocating racial independence.


A noted white nationalist, McCulloch coined the phrase "declaration of racial independence" in his 1994 book The Racial Compact. In this book he stated that every race had a requirement for "its own exclusive racial territory or homeland, its own independent and sovereign government".[1] McCulloch has given his views in the monthly American Renaissance, published by the New Century Foundation. In a 1995 article on "Separation for Preservation", he alleged that there was evidence "that a multiracial society is detrimental to the interests of European-Americans", going on to say that "Separation ... is necessary for [White] racial preservation".[2] He is the author of "The Racial Compact", a website that advocates racial pride and maintenance of "racial purity".[3]

In his 2005 book on the Melungeons, Walking Toward The Sunset: The Melungeons Of Appalachia, Wayne Winkler notes that McCullogh "espouses views that seem dated to many Americans today, but were widely held in the not-to-distant past ... since then, the idea of 'racial purity' has been largely - but not completely - discredited".[3] As late as 2005, McCulloch's writings were being promulgated by Föreningen för Folkens Framtid (FFF, Association for the People's Future), a Swedish neo-Nazi networks.[1]


In English

Swedish translations:

  • Richard McCulloch (2000). Det rasliga fördraget: ett upprop för rasliga rättigheter, rasligt bevarande och oberoende (The racial compact: a call for racial rights, racial preservation and independence). Fahrenheit 451. ISBN 91-630-9766-4. 
  • Richard McCulloch (2003). Rasbegreppets verklighet: diskussioner och kommentarer om rasförnekarnas påståenden att människans raser inte är verkliga (Concept of race reality: discussions and comments on rasförnekarnas(?) claims that human races are not real). Nordiska förlaget. ISBN 91-85043-03-6. 
  • Richard McCulloch (2005). Det nordliga sökandet (The northern quest). Nordiska förlaget. ISBN 91-85043-08-7. 


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