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Richard Miskolci, Brazilian Sociologist

Richard Miskolci is a Brazilian sociologist. His work articulates Social Science's tradition with Subaltern Knowledges (Queer Theory, Post-Colonial Studies and Feminist Theory). He is an associate professor at the Department and the Graduate Program in Sociology at UFSCar (Federal University of São Carlos), Brazil. Miskolci is the leader of a Research Center (Quereres - Núcleo de Pesquisas em Diferenças, Gênero e Sexualidade) and also a researcher at Núcleo de Estudos de Gênero Pagu (UNICAMP).

He initiated his career dealing with Critical Theory, but the contact with the works of Michel Foucault, the post-Lacanians and Cultural Studies marked his formation. Miskolci received his PhD in Sociology from University of São Paulo in 2001, but during the end of the 1990s he has researched in Germany and he was as a Student-at-Large in the Humanities at the University of Chicago. He got tenure as a professor of sociology at UFSCar in 2004. During the last years, Miskolci has contributed to popularize Queer Theory in the Brazilian academic field in a dialogue with its own tradition of sexuality studies, especially those created under the influence of Nestor Perlongher's work. In 2007, Miskolci has edited (with Júlio Assis Simões) the first Brazilian compilation of Queer Studies. "Dissent Sexualities" received the Award Citizenship in Respect to Diversity (2008). Later, Miskolci has worked in a post-doc with David M. Halperin to develop the methodology for his historical research on nation and sexuality in Brazilian fin de siècle. The research was conducted during over 10 years with different grants until it became a book: "O Desejo da Nação: masculinidade e branquitude no Brasil de fins do XIX" (2012). In this work, he analyses the Brazilian elite project of creating a nation with European immigrants and also disciplining the local population. The ideals of whiteness and masculinity of the ruling elite directed this authoritarina project during the first decades of the Brazilian Republic (proclaimed in 1889). In 2010, Miskolci organized with Larissa Pelúcio an International Seminar on Sexualities, Knowledges and Rights. The seminar introduced Judith Halberstam to the Brazilian academic audience and became a book entitled "Discursos fora da Ordem: sexualidades, saberes e direitos" (2012). The cited book is part of Annablume Queer, an editorial collection of Annablume Editora (Press). Since 2007, Miskolci also researches the contemporary use of digital media in Brazilian society. This research, sponsored by CNPq, became his main area of interest. In 2013, Miskolci extended his research for the US context what led him to work on it in California as a FAPESP senior researcher.In 2016 he has organized the first Brazilian compilation on Digital Sociology and in 2017 will publish "Desejos Digitais", a book that summarizes his researchers since 2007 about how homosexual men use digital media to search for partners.

Publication list[edit]

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