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Richard W. Unger

Richard W. Unger (born in Huntington, West Virginia, in 1942)[1] is a professor of Medieval History at the University of British Columbia[2] and a specialist in European maritime history in the medieval period. He served as Second Vice-President of the Medieval Academy of America in 2011, First Vice-President in 2012,[3] and President in 2013.[4]


  • Dutch Ship Design in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries (1973)
  • Dutch Shipbuilding before 1800: Ships and Guilds (1978)
  • The Ship in the Medieval Economy, 600-1600 (1980)
  • The Art of Medieval Technology: Images of Noah the Shipbuilder (1991)
  • Ships and Shipping in the North Sea and Atlantic, 1400-1800 (1997)
  • A History of Brewing in Holland, 900-1900 (2001)
  • Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (2004)
  • Ships on Maps: Pictures of Power in Renaissance Europe (2010)
  • Shipping and Economic Growth, 1350-1850 (2011)


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