Rick Rockefeller-Silvia

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Rick Rockefeller-Silvia
Rockefeller-Silvia 2009 Ocean Drive Magazine
Personal information
Nationality  United States
Discipline Dressage
Born (1984-09-09) September 9, 1984 (age 33)
Manhattan, New York City

Rick Rockefeller-Silvia (Richard London Rockefeller-Silvia) (born September 9, 1984, New York, USA) is an equestrian athlete, equine breeder and former model.

Rockefeller-Silvia first garnered media attention in 2005 during the inception of his sport horse breeding program, "Dream Street Stallions".Rockefeller-Silvia purchased and imported breeding stock from Europe.[1] Shortly thereafter, under the direction of Olympic Bronze Medalist Lisa Wilcox, Rockefeller-Silvia's stallion, Lullaby, became the United States Equestrian Team's alternate for the Young Horse World Championships in 2006.[2] That same year, Rockefeller-Silvia’s program took center stage, winning multiple "United States Dressage Federation" ‘Horse of The Year’ titles.[3]

In 2007, his stallion Starlight, set a record breaking year end score of (86%), not only earning him the title of The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) "Horse Of The Year". But, also a place in the USDF 'Hall of Fame', on the 'Traveling Trot Perpetual Trophy'. Rockefeller-Silvia is the youngest owner in history to have had his program or stock recognized in the USDF 'Hall of Fame'.[4] That same year Rockefeller-Silvia ranked 8th nationally in the United States Equestrian Federation Grand Prix standings.

In 2008 Rockefeller-Silvia won the title of ‘Grand Champion’ of Dressage at Devon with Starlight,[5] the youngest owner in history to do so,[6] further signifying his successful contributions to equine breeding programs across the United States.[7] Additionally, Starlight produced a 100% 'first premium' foal crop in 2008, under Rockefeller-Silvia's guidance.

Rockefeller-Silvia has earned three 'top ten' placements at the National Young Horse Championships. Including a Bronze medal at the "2010 National Young Horse Championships" held in Wayne, Illinois.[8]

Rockefeller-Silvia earned the title of "High Score Circuit Champion" of the Global Dressage Festival's" inaugural year (2012) Wellington, Florida.[9]

At age 21 Rockefeller-Silvia competed internationally at the Grand Prix level (Olympic level) of equestrian sport successfully and was awarded a United States Dressage Federation Gold Medal in recognition of his excellence as an equestrian sports athlete.[10]

For nearly a decade Rockefeller-Silvia consistently ranked in the 'top ten' owners in the United States of America (United States Equestrian Federation) with his winning string of horses.[11]


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