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Rick Spears
Notable works
Teenagers from Mars
The Pirates of Coney Island
Black Metal

Rick Spears is an American comic book writer, best known for Teenagers from Mars and other independent comics.

Early life[edit]

Rick Spears is from Richmond, Virginia as is his main collaborator Rob G., although they did not actually meet until after they left: "[we] have lived sort of parallel lives. We're from the same place, went to the same college and have a bunch of the same friends but we never met until we both moved to Brooklyn."[1]


After moving to New York City they met and began self-publishing Teenagers from Mars[1][2] forming Gigantic Graphic Novels to collect the issues and then using it to publish their first graphic novel Dead West. The pair would also have an early success in mainstream American comic books with a Batman story for DC in 2003 and they published the comic series Repo with Image Comics.[3][4] Since then he has continued producing creator-owned work, like Black Metal, as well as working on the properties of others, as he has done at Marvel and producing the graphic novel adaptation of the film Jennifer's Body.[5]



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