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Rickard Näslin

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Rickard Näslin (born 24 September 1947) is a Swedish musician living in Jämtland, Sweden. He is a violinist and composer of Swedish folk music. Rickard is riksspelman (Masterplayer of Swedish Folk Music).

In 2000, Riffage.com wrote about Rickard's music:

"You never thought that you would enjoy Swedish folk music. You might not have know that it existed. Rickard Näslin from Östersund, Sweden, writes and performs the most exciting music you'll hear. It just so happens it is Swedish Folk! It's playful and romantic, full of life, depth, and passion."


Jones, Petra: Jämtland (Sweden) Forest, Fjörds, and Fiddles, in Fiddler Magazine (Fall 2006)

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Listen to Rickard Näslin's compositions

Rickard Näslin (violin) and Göran Andersson (violin) play Lapp-Nils songs from Western Jämtland: