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Ricky was an English indie rock band, led by Jim Lines, Guy Gyngell and Darren Richardson. The other constant member of the band was guitarist Gary Rex.

Origin Portsmouth, England
Genres Alternative rock
Indie rock
Years active 2000–2006
Labels Garcia Records
Bod The Mod
Superior Quality Recordings
Beat Crazy Recordings
Past members Jim Lines
Guy Gyngell
Gary Rex
Darren Richardson
Gordon Mills


Ricky formed in Portsmouth, England in the autumn of 2000. The band's first release was a self-funded mini-album, released in January 2002, titled You Set The Scene, named after the last track on Forever Changes, an album by Love. The record gained strong reviews, leading to Ricky being made one of the 'Tips for 2002' (alongside The Coral, The Libertines and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), by many prominent UK publications including the Evening Standard, Channel 4's Planet Sound and The Times. Other publications to heap praise on the record included OK!, Front, The Independent and the website, Drowned in Sound.

The critical success of You Set The Scene led to Ricky signing to Superior Quality Recordings, a London based independent record label funded by the world's biggest record company Universal Music. Superior Quality Recordings was known for its success with The Bluetones. Ricky spent much of 2002's summer touring with The Bluetones. However, later that summer Universal severed their relationship with Superior Quality Recordings, leaving Ricky effectively without a record label.

Ricky returned in March 2004 with another critically acclaimed, self-funded record, their debut album The Summer Sun Still Echoes. The album received even greater praise than You Set The Scene. Its most notable review was a four star rating in Q magazine. In September 2004, the band issued a self-released single, "That Extra Mile", which reached #50 in the UK Singles Chart.[1]

The success of "That Extra Mile" led to Ricky signing to the London indie label, Beat Crazy Records. Their first release for them was a split double a-side single with label mates Amsterdam. Ricky's side of the single was titled "Stop Knocking The Walls Down" and the track was mastered at the Abbey Road Studios. The single debuted at #32 in the UK Singles Chart.[1]

Ricky went on to record 'High Speed Silence', an album which featured guest musicians including Pete Baker from Mohair, and was produced by the namesake son of Gordon Mills.

In June 2006, Ricky released a novelty 2006 FIFA World Cup single titled "We Are England". The single generated a great deal of media interest, including a daily campaign of support from The Daily Mirror.

In the weeks building up to the single's release, the media regularly reported that "We Are England" was outselling the rival World Cup singles on HMV's pre-order chart. However, Beat Crazy Records failed to synchronise the release of the single's four formats (CD, 7" vinyl, DVD and digital download) and after initial promise - the single featured at #17 in the first midweek chart update - "We Are England" finished the week at #54 in the UK Singles Chart. The track peaked at #3 in the UK Indie Chart.

With Beat Crazy Records having lost several members of staff and with the label's finances in dire straits, Ricky decided to disband, announcing the news to their fan-base on 25 June 2006.

The band's influences included The Beatles, Brian Wilson, Love, The Zombies, The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. The band were also influenced by such Britpop-era indie bands as The Bluetones, Oasis, Dodgy and Supergrass. Singer Jim Lines named his daughter Nico Lines after the 1960s icon Nico, who collaborated with The Velvet Underground on their 1967 debut album.

Ricky were occasionally joined on-stage by Craig Leworthy, son of former Tottenham Hotspur F.C. footballer, David Leworthy. Since 2011, Jim Lines has sung alongside former Ian Brown collaborator Charlie Waddington in The Southsea Alternative Choir, a charity band that has performed at festivals like Bestival.



  • You Set the Scene (January 2002)
  • The Summer Sun Still Echoes (March 2004), re-released (October 2004)
  • 'High Speed Silence' (recorded but unreleased - although promotional CD's do exist)


  • "Sunset View" (March 2003)
  • "That Extra Mile" / "Beat Out the Best In Me" (September 2004) - #50 UK; #10 UK Indie
  • "Stop Knocking The Walls Down" (January 2005 - split single with Amsterdam) - #32 UK; #8 UK Indie
  • "We Are England" (June 2006) - #54 UK; #3 UK Indie


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