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For the Faith No More song, see Ricochet (Faith No More song).

"Ricochet" (sometimes rendered "Rick-o-Shay" and also as "Ricochet Romance") is a popular song. The credits show it to be written by Larry Coleman, Joe Darion, and Norman Gimbel, without apportioning the work on the lyrics and music, in 1953. In fact, since Coleman and Darion wrote "Changing Partners" the same year, with Darion as lyricist and Coleman as composer, while Gimbel wrote the English lyric for "Sway" the same year, it can be concluded that Coleman wrote the music and Darion and Gimbel the lyrics.


It was included in a 1954 movie, Ricochet Romance.

The best-known version was recorded by Teresa Brewer on July 10, 1953 and released by Coral Records as catalog number 61043, peaking at #2 on the Billboard charts in 1953. The flip side was Too Young to Tango.[1] Ricochet is one of the songs Teresa Brewer rerecorded in 1962 for her Philips label Greatest Hits album, with a new Nashville arrangement.

In the United Kingdom, the most popular version was by Joan Regan, and other versions were done by Alma Cogan and Billie Anthony.

The recording by Joan Regan With The Squadronaires was released by UK Decca Records as catalog number F 10193, and in Australia as catalogue number Y6543. It reached #8 on the UK song charts.
The recording by Alma Cogan with Ken Mackintosh and his orchestra was made in London on November 27, 1953. It was released in 1954 by EMI on the His Master's Voice label as catalog numbers B 10615 and 7M 173. The flip side was "The Moon Is Blue".

A comical version of the song is sung on the Season 4 (1955) episode of I Love Lucy ("Tennessee Bound") by "Teensy" and "Weensy," portrayed by the "Borden Twins" (sisters Marilyn and Rosalyn Borden).[citation needed]

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