Riddare av Koden

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Riddare Av Koden
RavK 2013.png
Background information
Origin Secunda, South Africa
Genres Melodic Death Metal
Years active 2006 - Present
Labels Independent
Website www.rakofficial.com
Members Heimdall Av Koden
Pepi Petkov
Ruan Graaff
Steven De Pina
Thomas Hughes
Past members Daniel Wilson
Nathan Wilson
Kevin Webber

Riddare Av Koden is a Heavy Metal band from South Africa. Formerly known as Elegy, the band had to change its name in November 2009, when the underground success of their debut album attracted the attention of Universal Records. They then became known as Riddare Av Koden,[1][2][3] when translated from Swedish, means "Knights of the Code", and currently perform and release under that name.

Musical characteristics[edit]

Riddare Av Koden is musically influenced by a range of bands and artists over many different genres. Their music has often been described as hard-hitting, guitar-driven Melodic Death Metal, heavily incorporating full-bodied classical elements reminiscent of powerful film scores.

Band History[edit]

The Elegy Era (October 2006 - November 2009)[edit]

Elegy was formed in October 2006, by brothers Nathan and Daniel Wilson, who were 17 and 23 at the time. The two brothers asked Shay Kallie[4] to assume lead guitar duties, having been childhood friends and sharing a passion in Heavy Metal. The trio then began writing songs and looking for a vocalist and bassist. Travis Seager then joined the band as vocalist. Kevin Webber was asked to join the band temporarily to complete the line-up for their first show in Secunda, Mpumalanga.

Kevin Webber became a permanent member in the band, and strong friendships began forming between the members of Elegy. After their first show, the band began working on an LP to gain entry into the South African Metal scene. During this period, Travis Seager left to pursue his career as an artist. Shay then assumed lead vocal duties and Elegy went into studio to record their debut LP - "A Voice Will Call", which landed them a distribution deal with Electromode Records - South Africa's biggest distribution label.

In November 2009 the label received a letter from Universal Records, stating that they were illegally using the Elegy name, which is registered to the Dutch Power Metal band of the same name.

Riddare Av Koden Era (November 2009 to Present)[edit]

Elegy began searching for new names, opening up the debate to fans worldwide.

Within a week of receiving the change notice they announced that their new name was to be "Riddare Av Koden".

The name change caused much controversy between fans and the public,[5] and was announced officially on 16 November 2009.

May 2010 - Riddare Av Koden began working with Multi-instrumentalist and Composer Steven de Pina and, in September 2010 he was officially welcomed into the band as Keyboardist and Folk instrumentalist.[6][7]

Riddare Av Koden was named the official support act for the Ensiferum South African tour of October 2010.[6][8][9][10][11][12]

In April 2011, Daniel Wilson (one of the two founding members) announced his departure from the band.[13]

Riddare Av Koden in 2011 took a break from constant live performance and only played exclusive shows and festivals throughout the year with Cameron Zuccarelli on drums and their very first International performance in Gaborone, Botswana.[14]

They released "A Voice Will Call" for free download worldwide, and grew to 40,000 Fans on Facebook.

2012 didn't see performance activity from the band as the members of Riddare Av Koden were on a Sabbatical/Hiatus. Later that year, Nathan Wilson and Kevin Webber also announced their departure.

Heimdall Av Koden[edit]

Shay Av Koden began composing new music & looking for musicians to test the suites in a Live environment.

He adopted the stage name "Heimdall Av Koden".

Thomas Hughes was asked to play drums for Riddare. Thomas had come from a technical death metal background,as well as being the drummer for Ska Punk Legends - Fuzigish.

Thomas then suggested that they ask Pepi Petkov to assume second guitar/vocal duties. Pepi had come from Autumn Sun, a Melodic Death Metal band, having toured with the likes of Kreator, Cradle of Filth and other big names.


Dynasty (EP)[edit]

On 23 May 2013, Riddare Av Koden debuted "Mjolnir", "The Æsir", and "The Battle Ov Bifrost Bridge", live in Johannesburg, South Africa with William Bishop on bass.

Dynasty (LP)[edit]

During this time, the concept & artwork for "Dynasty" was created by Jason Enslin & Heimdall Av Koden.

Riddare Av Koden adopted the phrase "Novus Ordo Seclorum".


In 2013, Roadrunner United Superstar Andols Herrick announced via his facebook page that he would be tracking drums for Riddare Av Koden's upcoming releases.

Former Arch Enemy Guitarist, Chris Amott joined Riddare Av Koden in 2015 as studio guitarist for their long-awaited follow up to A Voice Will Call.





  • Elegy (2007)


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