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Ridgwell Cullum
Born Sidney Groves Burghard
(1867-08-13)13 August 1867
Died 3 November 1943(1943-11-03) (aged 76)
Newton Abbot, Devon
Nationality British
Occupation Writer

Ridgwell Cullum (pseudonym of Sidney Groves Burghard) (13 August 1867 – 3 November 1943) was a British writer who wrote a large number of adventure novels over more than 30 years, usually set in sparsely populated regions of the United States or Canada.

He left home aged 17 to join a gold rush in the Transvaal in South Africa, where he became involved in the conflict between British and Boer settlers; he travelled to the scene of another gold rush in Yukon in north-west Canada; he spent a few years cattle-ranching in Montana, USA.

His first novel The Devil's Keg, set in Alberta, Canada, was published in 1903. After its success he settled in Britain and became a full-time writer. Several of his novels were made into films.


  • The Devil's Keg (US: The Story Of The Foss River Ranch) (1903)
  • The Hound From The North (1904)
  • In the Brooding Wild (1905)
  • The Night Riders (1906) - made into a film (1920)
  • The Watchers Of The Plains (1908)
  • The Compact (1909)
  • The Sherriff Of Dyke Hole (1909)
  • The Trail Of The Axe (1910) - made into a film (1922), featuring Dustin Farnum and George Fisher
  • The One-Way Trail (1911)
  • The Twins Of Suffering Creek (1912) - made into a film The Man Who Won (1923), directed by William A. Wellman and featuring Dustin Farnum, Jacqueline Gadsden and Lloyd Whitlock
  • The Golden Woman (1913)
  • The Way Of The Strong (1914) - made into a film (1919), directed by Edwin Carewe and featuring Anna Q. Nilsson, Joe King and Harry Northrup
  • The Law-Breakers (1914)
  • The Son Of His Father (1915) - made into a film (1917) directed by Victor Schertzinger and featuring Charles Ray, Vola Vale and Robert McKim
  • The Men Who Wrought (1916)
  • The Triumph Of John Kars (1917)
  • The Purchase Price (US: The Forfeit) (1917) - made into a film The Forfeit (1919), directed by Frank Powell and featuring House Peters, Sr.
  • The Law Of The Gun (1918)
  • The Heart Of Unaga (1920)
  • The Man In The Twilight (1922)
  • The Luck Of The Kid (1923)
  • The Saint Of The Speedway (1924)
  • The Riddle Of Three-Way Creek (1925)
  • The Candy Man (US: Child Of The North) (1926)
  • The Wolf Pack (1927)
  • The Mystery Of The Barren Lands (1928)
  • The Tiger Of Cloud River (1929)
  • The Treasure Of Big Waters (1930)
  • The Bull Moose (1931)
  • Sheets In The Wind (1932)
  • The Flaming Wildness (1934)
  • The Vampire Of N'Gobi (1935)
  • One Who Kills (1938)


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